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Green Is Our Long-term Goal

At Zemi Beach House, we’re committed to adhering to the best practices in environmental sustainability. By using smart technology and eco-friendly practices, we are equipped with the best energy management systems to run as efficiently as possible. In addition, we’re committed to being a good neighbor by creating jobs for Anguillans.

  • Our initiatives include:

      • Natural materials and sustainable hardwoods throughout the resort.
      • Residences insulated to maximize energy efficiency and minimize noise.
      • Air conditioning built on a smart tech system, which can adjust the room temperature when it senses a door or window has been left open
      • Motion and heat sensors to reduce ventilation settings when rooms are empty
      • Energy efficient solar heat systems, working in harmony with a/c through heat exchanges to efficiently heat water
      • Windows and doors made of solid woods
      • Roofs designed to collect rainwater, which is reused to irrigate the landscape

  • Our conservation efforts include:

    • The preservation of native plants.
    • Excavated rocks and soil reused onsite for landfill and landscaping.
    • Untouched coastal areas.
    • Propane torches near the beach to avoid impacting nesting sea turtles.
    • Materials, resources and produce bought locally.
    • Local fish and seafood served in restaurants.
    • Seasonal fruits and vegetables ripened naturally in the sun.