Corporate Responsibility

Our Commitment to Anguilla

The developers of Zemi Beach House follow best practices to respect both the environment and the people of Anguilla.

Safety & Sustainability

  • Environmentally conscious construction minimizes consumption of resources and avoids heavy emissions and excess waste.
  • Residences are insulated to maximize energy efficiency and minimize noise.
  • Air conditioning employs a smart tech system that enables it to sense when a door or window is open and adjust room temperatures accordingly.
  • Motion and heat sensors reduce ventilation settings when rooms are empty.
  • Each residence has an energy-efficient solar heat system, which works in harmony with the air conditioning through heat exchangers to efficiently heat water.
  • Windows and doors contain hurricane protection shutters.
  • Roofs are designed to collect rainwater, which is re-used to irrigate the landscape.

Conservation & Local Community

  • Native plants have been preserved on site.
  • All rocks and soil excavated on site have been re-used around the project for landfill and landscaping purposes.
  • Zemi Beach House has created 250 jobs for local workers during construction, and will provide 175 jobs during resort operation.
  • Amber lighting used throughout the resort to avoid disturbing nesting sea turtles.
  • Materials, resources and produce are bought locally whenever possible.


In response to COVID-19, Zemi Beach House has temporarily suspended operations.
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