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Holistic Therapies Inspired by the Ancient Taino People

Designed to awaken the spirit in a setting completely in harmony with nature, Zemi Thai House Spa is a sanctuary of private spa suites, and a yoga deck. Housed within an authentic 300-year-old Thai house, this serene and luxurious retreat features the island’s only hammam, as well as five multifunction treatment rooms with showers, relaxation areas with beautiful views, a fresh juice bar and a wellness boutique. 


World's Best New Resort Spa 2016
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  • Spa

    A team of trained therapists provides a range of holistic treatments, including rejuvenating facials, marine salt scrubs, tropical scrubs and massages designed to improve circulation, hasten detoxification and release everyday tension. A mud area, rainfall showers and vitality pool complete the pampering facilities.

    Open from 9am to 7pm

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  • The Singular Features of Zemi Thai House Spa


    Bohique Mud Deck
    A choice of fragrant scrub or therapeutic mud. Cleanse the skin using fragrant scrubs, followed by the layering of therapeutic muds for face and body.

    Main Entry
    Every guest’s spa journey begins and ends here with showers that prep the skin for heat therapy and provide final cooling and cleansing post-treatment.

    Vitality Pool
    This therapeutic pool is set to the body’s temperature, offering gentle jets to soothe tired muscles. Sip a drink, lie back and listen to the gentle sounds of nature.

  • Fitness

    Our state-of-the-art Fitness Center features the latest cardio and strength-training equipment, as well as a variety of classes, an outdoor yoga deck and beach boot camp. Personal trainers stand ready to assist guests who seek to step up their fitness routine.

    Open 24/7

    Now Featuring:
    Main Entry
  • Additional Amenities

    • Yoga classes
    • Wellness boutique
    • Juice bar
    • Relaxation deck with view over Shoal Bay Beach
Our Signature Spa Treatments

Wellness rituals played a central role in the lives of the Taino people who once inhabited Anguilla. Layering the body with herbs, fruits, muds and salts, followed by air-drying in the sun before a final bath, helped to hydrate the skin, boost the immune system and offer an overall sense of well-being and relaxation. Our Taino Bathing Ritual mirrors the Taino’s therapeutic ritual.

Healing Rituals

Our Treatment of the Day

Chiang Mai to Anguilla - 'Four Handed Massage' 90 Minutes ($260)

Escape the whirlwind of life, with a therapeutic four handed massage. Your journey commences with an aromatic foot soak, infused with lemongrass essential oil, a citrus nectar scrub, as seasonal petals delicately feathers the feet. Two diverse therapists take you on a journey through cultural melodies of healing touch and rhythmic movements that induce deep relaxation. To shift you into a further state of relaxation, your treatment concludes with an Indian head massage and acupressure on the feet, to restore balance. Delicate yet purposeful; this experience will enhance your overall wellbeing..

Elemental Harmony

Main Entry

This therapeutic ritual begins with a sensory experience to determine your element of choice. This is followed by a rejuvenating Mother of Pearl exfoliation before your therapist eases away any tension with a soothing and indulgent deep tissue body massage. The ritual concludes with a pampering and hydrating botanical facial, soothing hot oil scalp massage and stress-releasing foot massage to leave your mind still, centered and content and your skin nourished, soft and radiant.

Zemi Sun Ritual

120 minutes

This nourishing treatment begins with an exfoliation using a tropical feast of Papaya, Macadamia, Sugar and Sea Salt to gently shed dead skin cells followed by a cooling Cucumber and Aloe wrap. While the wrap is activating, your therapist will deliver a soothing scalp acupressure massage to lull you into gentle slumber. After removing the wrap, your therapist will apply oils infused with Frangipani, Jasmine, Mandarin and Tuberose to evoke the feeling of the sun and the sea.

Thai Qi Fusion

90 minutes

This therapeutic, warming and invigorating massage integrates Thai herbal compresses with stretches, acupressure and vigorous massage. Helps energize the body’s flow of Qi, release tight muscles and promote a feeling of optimum wellbeing.

Body Massages

Five Element Aroma Massage

50/80 minutes

This aromatherapy massage blends customized essential oil infusions with warm herbal compresses, heated stones and skillful therapeutic techniques to deliver the ultimate massage experience. This service is available with or without hot stones.

Grapefruit & Rosemary Muscle Melt

50/80 minutes

Combining stimulating grapefruit, nutmeg and rosemary with deep tissue massage therapy; this concentrated treatment will unravel tension in sore and tight muscle, relieve deep stress and tension and enhance the body’s circulation. Incorporating hot stones and a warm and invigorating balm, this treatment is highly recommended for anyone suffering from chronic stress, pain or tension.

Cacique’s Deep Tissue

50/80 minutes

A powerful massage designed for men to alleviate deep-seated tension and muscular stress. Using the invigorating and warming properties of the fire element, the therapist concentrates on specific areas to alleviate common discomforts such as a stiff neck, painful lower back pain and sore, tight shoulders. The treatment ends with a soothing scalp massage to restore vitality and eliminate fatigue.

Pre-Natal Well-Being Massage

50/80 minutes

A massage developed specifically to address the body’s needs during pregnancy, this treatment is the perfect remedy to ease aches, shift fluid retention, alleviate stretch marks and promote a state of calm and optimum well-being. Using an infusion of mandarin, rose and lavender flower, our pre-natal massage is a must for any mother-to-be.

Advanced Beauty

Utilizing unique, bioactive ingredients with sophisticated technologies and exquisite plant oils at therapeutic levels, Elemental Herbology products offer advanced skincare solutions to produce visible results.

Customized Facial

60/90 minutes

This transformative facial combines healing botanicals, vitamins and marine extracts to feed the skin and restore equilibrium while creating a more vibrant and healthy complexion. Totally bespoke, we customize the facial to address your skin’s specific requirements. Incorporating deep cleansing, exfoliation, detoxification and nourishment, this treatment replenishes the skin to give immediate and long lasting results.

Kombuchka™ Skin Brightening Radiance & Vitality Facial

60 minutes

Using a 20% solution of Vitamin C infused with Kombuchka™, a fermented black-tea known as the “Elixir of Life”, helps to dramatically enhance the tone and texture of the skin. Skin feels smoother, appears brighter and more radiant and the complexion is more balanced with reduced pigmentation.

90 minutes

This transformational facial addresses the key underlying causes of physiological aging. By improving detoxification, enhanced cellular drainage, microcirculation, skin nutrition and hydration, the skin’s tone, elasticity, radiance and moisture levels are radically improved. This reviving and rejuvenating treatment begins with a deep cleanse and AHA exfoliation followed by extensive lymphatic massage and acupressure to repair and revitalize the skin. This facial delivers both immediate and long lasting results.

Bio Rejuvenating Age Support Facial

90 minutes

This transformational facial addresses the key underlying causes of physiological aging. By improving detoxification, enhanced cellular drainage, micro-circulation, skin nutrition and hydration, the skin’s tone, elasticity, radiance and moisture levels are radically improved. This reviving and rejuvenating treatment begins with a deep cleanse and AHA exfoliation followed by extensive lymphatic massage and acupressure to repair and revitalize the skin. This facial delivers both immediate and long lasting results.


60 Minutes

Our gentleman’s facial combines vitamins and marine extracts to create a healthy complexion. This treatment includes a deep pore cleansing, resurfacing of dead skin, soothing masque, and a relaxing acupressure inspired head, neck and shoulder massage to alleviate skin sensitivity, dullness and daily tension found in your day-to-day life..

Body Treatments

Papaya & Argan Oil Body Polish

60 minutes

Shed flaky, dead skin cells with a tropical cocktail of super foods, before sealing your limbs with the choice of a cooling Cucumber and Watermelon Seed Infusion or a Macadamia and Olive body hydrator containing subtle levels of an eco-certified tanning agent to impart a fresh, sun-kissed, radiant glow.

Cucumber & Aloe Wrap

60 minutes

To cool and soothe sun drenched skin we will slather you in a cooling Aloe and Cucumber wrap before applying refreshing cool stones to further activate the mask. The finale of a Watermelon body tonic will leave your skin feeling cool, calm and refreshed.


60 minutes

Indulge your body and mind with this luxurious body scrub, enriched with Mother of Pearl, Essential Fatty Acid rich Argan and Sacha inchi oils, and exotic Frankincense. This pampering scrub will remove dull, dead skin, leaving your body intensively hydrated, silky and nurtured..


80 minutes

Inspired by ancient healing traditions, Kaolin Clay, infused with Rosemary, Grapefruit and Juniper Berry is soaked into the skin to release impurities and stimulate metabolism. This nurturing experience concludes with an application of Guarana and Green Tea boosting serum that will leave you feeling warm, purified and revived..

Tranquil Soothies


15/30 Minutes

Enjoy a combination of head, shoulder and back massage. While in this calm state the body and mind is given an opportunity to recharge..


15 Minutes

Create a unique poolside experience in the comfort of your chaise lounge by enjoying a choice of a stimulating scalp, relaxing shoulder or therapeutic foot massage..


15 Minutes

The relaxing scalp treatment begins with an acupressure massage and concludes with an application of Mango and Shea Butter to calm and centre the mind, while also hydrating and nourishing the scalp and hair, leaving it soft, silky and radiant..

Spa Specials

Guarana and Green Tea Wrap

80 Minutes - $180.00

(REG $250).

Bio Rejuvenating Age Support Facial

90 Minutes - $180.00

(REG $280).

Grapefruit and Rosemary Muscle Melt

80 Minutes - $180

(REG $240).