Anguilla Map

Discovered deep within an ancient ceremonial cave in beautiful Anguilla, the curious, three-pointed zemi stone is a source of unending inspiration. Pleasing to hold and contemplate, this palm-size carving was a talisman of the island’s early inhabitants, the Arawak Indians, who would emerge from the cavern – still protected today – to greet the sunlight on the pure white sands of what the world has crowned its most perfect beach, Shoal Bay.

The zemi stone is as multidimensional as this island adrift in the Caribbean Sea – a peaceful haven just a day’s sail away from the glitz of St. Barths and St. Maarten, yet a world apart. It embodies mysteries as deep as the waters that teem with marine life below and sleek yachts above. It is earthbound and authentic, like the people who warmly welcome visitors and who have instilled a rich culture in their island home.

Hold a zemi in your palm, and you hold the very spirit of an island like no other: Anguilla.

Getting Here

The newly modernized Anguilla airport (code AXA) receives multiple daily connecting flights from throughout the Caribbean – Puerto Rico, Antigua and Barbados to name a few.

St. Maarten, with daily flights from Europe, the USA and Canada, is a 15-minute boat ride from Anguilla. With taxis and ferry, a trip from St. Maarten’s international airport (SXM) to Zemi Beach House takes 40 minutes, about the time it takes to reach Manhattan from JFK.

Travel Times:

  • Miami 3.5 hours
  • Panama 3.5 hours
  • New York 4.5 hours
  • Charlotte, N.C 5 hours
  • Toronto 5.5 hours
  • Paris 9.5 hours
  • Amsterdam 10 hours
  • London 10 hours